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When Alastair Humphreys started using the word microadventure in 2013, little did he know that his invention will come to influence the travel industry a great deal. The latest buzzword to make rounds in tourism jargon stands for those adventures that are easily doable for an affordable amount of money. In essence, adventure isn’t only about the exclusive events, such as climbing the Mount Kailash barefoot or spending time in the high Arctic and Greenland. Alastair Humphreys attempted to revolutionise the office working life, to release adventure from the shackles of elitism and encourage the everyday people who work the 9 to 5 grind to break free from routine and monotony.

The microadventure idea fell on a fertile ground, and the concept infiltrated the business world soon enough. Most team building agencies will agree that microadventures aren't anything new, that they have been providing business people with that element of adventure long before the buzzword happened. Still, the trend has spun the concept to a new level and seeing how business people started embracing their need for adventure, now team building agencies worldwide offer a rebranded version of microadventures to wilderness starved businessmen, who benefit from the call of the wild in between their workplace battles.

There are two kinds of team building agencies that offer team building microadventures right now. One kind is what classic agencies would call the supplier; they offer only one specific set of microadventures and that is all they do. The others are team building agencies who offer a wide array of team building activities that have renamed some of their activities into microadventures. Here we bring a list of a bit of both, team building agencies who do a really good job at microadventures. The base criterion for this selection is the overall attractiveness of the microadventure.

1. Microadventures Strikingly

"5-to-9 thinking is an idea that applies to much more than just adventure…"

We start with Alaistair Humphrey's own brainchild, who pioneered with microadventures as we know them today and gets the trailblazing spot as deserved. Visit Alaistar Humphrey's website to get inspired and educated about microadventures and team building activites that gives you a feel of Into the Wild.

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2. Wild Hikes Finland

"To the unbeaten paths and well beyond!"

Is there anything more dreamy, relaxing and exciting at the same time than hiking the fairy-tale mystic and mighty forests of Finland?

Wild Hikes Finland encapsules everything a microadventure should be and is an absolute winner in this category in our opinion. Take a wild hike and you'll be as good as new.

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3. Granite Adventures

"We love taking people out and showing them what an amazing adventure they can have after work and still be back at the office to tell your colleagues that you didn’t just sit in front of the TV last night."

Take it from people who love what they do: microadventures done this way are safe and exciting, and it sure beats being a couch potato. 


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4. Matt Walker Adventure

"Start living your ideal day now".

Matt Walker perhaps did not coin the term microadventure, but he lives adventure inside out and will gladly show you how.

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5. Living Alive

"All you need to do is meet us at the train station, ready for an adventure. Let us handle the rest."

If you live in the Edinburgh area, look them up. Agencies who embrace change will always be a step ahead of those who don't.

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6. Where About Holidays

"Walk, ride, discover"

UK-based agency Where About Holidays has the most thorough approach to microadventures so far, decide which one is ideal for you by using different adventure markers such as "summer", "water sports", "medium" and so on.

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7. Vida Ventura

"Climb a mountain... and the corporate ladder"

A wide array of microadventures await you on Vida Ventura's website whose slogan makes it clear that their microadventures are aimed at creating winners and achievers.

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8. Rina Travel

"Pedal your way through picture-perfect Mediterranean villages, enjoy picnics in pristine nature, clear your mind and recharge your batteries."

For a dose of active team building microadventures in landscape-rich and dreamy Croatia, check Croatia's leading MICE agency Rina Travel.


Have you noticed a team building agency that does microadventures well? Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.


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