2 innovative solutions for meeting & event organizers

TRAVEL RAY - operating system to speed-up, simplify and enhance your travel business. Sales, operations, purchasing & finances + live business analytics to upgrade your decision making process.

EVENT JAY -  innovative solution to automate event registration & invoicing with a web site builder and attendee mobile app included!


who is it for?

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Destination Management Companies - DMC's

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Conference Organizers - PCO's
& Meeting Planners

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Team Building, Event & Incentive Activity Organizers

attractive and user-friendly

how it works 

The heart of Travel Ray - MICE business operating system is your very own client/supplier database. The software connects your data and makes the magic happen - it enhances your workflow while cutting your office man hours in half!

While you create the offer, Travel Ray automatically creates all other documents and calculates profits and margins in real time. Later, when your client requests a change, you deliver it with just a few clicks and it is instantly updated through the system - in itineraries, vouchers, contracts and calculations.

quick to learn, easy to use

Agents describe Travel Ray as intuitive and clients enjoy getting clear, beautiful offers full of pictures in just a fraction of the time it use to take. CEO's enjoy having instant access to a complete overview of their business. Everything you need in your day-to-day operations is now in one place, wired and connected – simplifying your sales, accounting, purchasing and finances management. 


Our modular system allows you to pay for only those elements your company really needs. After the initial set-up fee, your monthly cost can start at 75 EUR per user.  

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1. All-in-one dmc & mice operating system

Sales, Operations, Purchasing & Finances for the office, Analytics for management.

2. Easier workload and higher productivity

Less stress for agents, less man hours for owners. Quick response to clients.

3. automatically built documents

While you build the offer, Travel Ray automatically builds invoices, contracts and vouchers.

4. Business Intelligence

Complete business overview with live analytics, statistics, charts and reports.


Saves more money than it costs, use and pay only the modules you need.


Profit and margin real-time calculation, automatic generating of invoices, sales tax special procedure tools.

7. elegant look & feel

Quick to learn & easy to use software with a designer interface.  Three types of beautiful offers to choose from. 

8. Compatible and open for add-ons

Easily communicates with other software and in-house solutions.


Dashboard reminders to stay on top of upcoming events, release dates and room inventory. 


Keep your know-how even if key employees leave! Full information library with an address book & searchable supplier & client databases.

11. Inquiry to multiple suppliers & INVENTORY MANAGEMENT TOOLS

Automated communication with suppliers & all services inventory.


Automate & manage your registration, easily build your conference web site and smartphone app.

7 software tools every conference & event organizer needs

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                                                            technical characteristics

                                                            cloud technology
                                                            • Travel Ray works on any device, anywhere, and it requires no installation. 

                                                            • It is compatible with MS Windows, Linux and OS

                                                            a modular sales platform

                                                            • Travel Ray is flexible: pay only for those modules that you really need in your business. 

                                                            • Easily communicates with other software and in-house solutions

                                                             works on any browser
                                                            • All you need is an Internet connection. 

                                                            • Call center and IT team are at your disposal at all times. 

                                                            We'll do the heavy-lifting to ensure a fast and smooth implementation. Your data library of contacts, clients, suppliers, destinations, venues, sights, and all that matters to your business will be accessible to you wherever, whenever.

                                                            workflow consulting

                                                            We will gather information about your workflow in order to understand your business needs. 

                                                            data load

                                                            Uploading your data to the cloud is an important groundwork that will make your future job a breeze. We'll be there to consul you through the process. 


                                                            Our training professionals ensure your team members know their way around Travel Ray. 

                                                            ongoing support

                                                            If needed, help is just a second away. Make use of our tech support and stay on top of your business at all times. 


                                                             Find more success stories here. 


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                                                            tell us about your business challenges.

                                                            We'll show you how to overcome them with Travel Ray Software.  

                                                            meet The team

                                                            The team behind Travel Ray consists of professionals from various fields of tourism and information technology. To solve the struggles of destination management companies and MICE businesses, these guys poured their experience and knowledge into this revolutionary software/operating system/ERP. Vesna brings more than a decade of  MICE agency experience to the table. Stipan is one of the leading SE Europe market experts for travel agency software. Tomislav writes clear and interesting tutorials and explains the software functionalities. Damir is our tax, fiscalization and tourism accounting specialist and Igor leads the team of developers building new modules and all the functionalities that you can think of. 


                                                            Founder & MICE Consultant


                                                            Travel Industry IT Expert


                                                            Key Account Manager


                                                            Chief Technology Officer


                                                            Accounting & Finances


                                                            Software Developer


                                                            Programming Team Leader


                                                            Software Developer


                                                            Software Developer