We’re well into the 21st century and technology influences MICE industry in more ways than we could ever have imagined, and will continue to do so as the modern traveler goes increasingly digital. For travel agencies, MICE agencies and DMCs, it is no longer acceptable to take weeks before an offer is sent out to prospective clients, and offers that lack in style get discharged based on outdatedness.

For agencies working with groups, it is no longer acceptable to use Excel to alter prices when last minute changes come in, and issuing contracts, vouchers and reports should be as easy as clicking a button. Post-event activities for travel agents should include sending pictures to clients and getting their opinions ensuring an even better service the next time an event takes place, instead of spending days behind a computer desk crunching numbers. The importance of service could not be stressed enough, and having the right tools is key to ensuring your competitiveness.

Thankfully, there are solutions out there that help your agency get the most of what technology offers right now. Technology serves to achieve better sales numbers and more work leads for your agency. The solution is to go digital, with a specialized MICE software.  You need is to pick the solution that most suits your needs. The operating word here is being niched, specialised. All solutions for our industry take time to implement so you need to weigh your options, but once you do, you will love the results! You do not need to settle for less than ideal solutions as there is a solution out there that will work perfectly for your business.

 Things to bear in mind before your agency goes digital:

  • Who is it for?

The more specialised and the more niched the software, the better it will serve your cause and accommodate the peculiarities of your business.

  • Who made it?

The more people behind the software are familiar with the industry, the better. The IT team can program and deliver a perfect system, but is that system well acquainted with the specifics of MICE?

  • What areas does it cover?

Can you issue reports, does it provide CMS, is there an invoicing option, and how about a supplier database?

  • How long does it take to implement?

Quick and easy solutions are mostly scams, as nothing in this world that is good is quick and easy. You should find a solution that offers aid in implementation and check well whether it is actually doable with your process of work.

  • How is the support organised?

You need your software to provide you with the best 24/7 tech support there is. Just in case saves the grace.

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council,  tourism sector has been outpacing global economic growth for the past six years by 4% on average annually, and will continue to do so. This fact alone leaves no space to doubt whether upgrading your business’ backbone is in order.

Write-up by: Ravijojla Novaković

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