Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, all the accompanying documents are instantly aligned saving you precious time and in no worry for numerous revisions and changes.

Unfortunately no, you need to have your suppliers entered so that you can use it when creating your offer. You can create it "on the spot” during your offer creation but nevertheless, creating supplier only takes couple of minutes and after that it will be always available to use for any future offer that you will be creating.

Yes, you can create three different type of offers:

  • Generic (where you can showcase your product line)
  • Package offer (with brackets for groups)
  • Detailed offer (with cost breakdown of each service)
You can export all your clients in Excel file.

In case you don't want to manually enter each supplier into the software, you can fill in an Excel file provided by us and we will import it for you.

Yes, you can create templates which can be used multiple times and with just couple of clicks you can easily change number of people, new client and your offer is ready!

There are various options we can assist and help our clients with creating database. By default, every of our clients receive initial database with pre-made service categories general list of service and units and some examples which can give them idea how database works.
Of course, there are various options for uploading their own database or existing clients from excel spreadsheets or we can even enter defined number of suppliers for them. We are really flexible and we will always try to find the best and easiest way for each of our client's respective needs. 

Yes, we have our own database where users can enter data and details about their suppliers and clients. This database is then used for creating offers, issuing invoices and providing with extensive reporting module.

The team behind Travel Ray is made up of European travel professionals with the average of 17 years experience in the industry.

The initial work on the system started a decade ago when the software market had nothing to offer. With all the challenges travel industry comes with it was only natural to try and build a software solution that would tackle the obstacles faced in our day-to-day operations. It took years to draw-up, build and test this system - an agency software for MICE businesses and DMC’s but in the first year alone the software helped cut man hours by 50%, boost efficiency and increase sales dramatically.

We popped the champagne, named it Travel Ray and decided to offer it to to our colleagues around the world.