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What travel professionals say about travel ray



It's simpler than ever to organiZe a team building event.

„Rina is the biggest team building agency in Croatia. We organize events and provide a wide range of services like accommodation, team building activities, transfers, catering... whatever the client needs.

We implemented the software two years ago during the test phase. Our knowledge and user experience was used to upgrade the solution further and fine tune it to the needs of real people working in the travel industry.

Travel Ray is a great fit for Rina. It's systematic and punctual, it saves time and provides live business statistics. The management can follow results in real time, seeing how many proposals have been sent out & how much commission has been made. On the other hand, agents such as me, see it as their own personal assistant that helps build great looking proposals quickly. Offers that use to take me 4 or 5 hours are now solved in half an hour. Furthermore with just a few clicks I produce and send out all vouchers, contracts and confirmations to clients and suppliers. Organizing team building and corporate events has never been easier!“

Domagoj Stupar, Key Account Manager, Rina Travel & Events

I can't believe how much time I'm saving using this software.

"I make beautiful tours for Italian groups visiting Croatia and the Balkans. The tours are tailor-made, so you can imagine the paperwork gets pretty complicated. The before Travel Ray era was crazy. There were numerous spreadsheets and calculations which had to be manually translated into offers, itineraries, contracts and vouchers. I remember spending hours and hours producing the documents and then triple checking every single service, time stamp and description. 

Not anymore! With Travel Ray a single input while building a proposal is enough for system to create all documents automatically. But that’s just the tip of the benefits iceberg, me and my colleagues can access our work from any location at any time and my whole business flow now makes sense. I check everything once and it's right - that’s saving hours of my precious time." 

Vanja Viskanic, Travel Agency Owner & Manager at Incoming-Europe® Adriatic d.o.o.